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Although Supernatural had a shockingly long run of fifteen seasons, which ended in 2024, it seems that the show may be revived for Supernatural season 16. However, in order for the series to continue with the same main characters, a new season would have to involve one terribly overused trope.

Call of Duty's (COD) popular battle royale, Warzone 2 (WZ2), which was released on November 14, 2024, is free to play on PC. Succeeding its predecessor, the game has quickly climbed the charts and is a top contender to be one of the best free-to-play battle royale games, along with Apex Legends and Fortnite.

How to play? Use the mouse, arrow keys

Hello boys and girls so let's hurry up and do not

waste any time anymore, because the time is so precious especially for this beautiful

little girl, named Nelly. Nelly is such a lonely little girl and always sad and she

doesn't know exactly how happiness looks like and that's because she has been convicted

to live here, in this dark world and in this cursed forest, where everything is full of

shadows and of course, with no happiness. The goal is to use the arrow keys in order to

help Nelly get through the following obstacles, jumping over some little hills, getting

above the obstacles, using the A or S keys in order to make some spells but later, only

after you've learnt them and this way until you accomplish each level, in a row. The

goal is to never give up so help the little girl Nelly avoid the deadly traps from this

video game, trying to successfully dodge the sharp spikes and the other this kind of

obstacles, which may slow her down so much. Good luck and do not forget that it is

important to get healthy at the end of each level and also use the mouse to interact

with different things!

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